Who We Are

PelePele Marketing is a full-service marketing agency offering integrated marketing services across a wide spectrum of industries. This means that we cover the full spectrum of marketing activities and work with clients to choose which are most effective for their company. We provide clients with one contact point at our agency, who then manages all your marketing based on your strategy and targets set. We handle, brief and co-ordinate specialists we bring in if needed (eg designers, website hosts etc), so clients don’t have to waste time and their work is aligned with the goals set in the marketing strategy.

Our services include marketing strategy, public relations, research, product activations, digital marketing, advertising and media plans, website development, design, brand development and management, analytics, content creation, branding, website and SEO, email marketing and events.

We have helped twenty-eight clients since our inception, all in a variety of different industries e.g. FMCG, hospitality, manufacturing, financial, tourism etc. We meet the client where they are at in their business lifecycle. This together with our customer-centric approach and working independently, facilitates our focus and leads to success for clients.

Our creations are soulful, inspiring and relevant to excite your current and new followers.
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