We can help your company grow by working with you to cover all bases that you need to market your company better. Marketing includes a plethora of options that can seem overwhelming, so we can guide you on what is best. We always refer to the marketing strategy we develop with you, based on your business plan, so we achieve the targets we set together and then monitor your performance through sales and analytics. Trust us to be your CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

In summary, we can work with you to help your company continually shine through the clutter and sell more of your products and services. Click on the relevant tab below to view our top service offerings. For services not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Marketing Strategy &
Marketing is creation. Marketing is inspiration. Marketing is the catalyst to ensure that your offering stands out clearly and distinctively in your client’s minds. The results - marketing positively influences behavior. Let us be your marketing guardian while you focus on overseeing today and planning for tomorrow. We are able to assess, recommend and together craft and implement a marketing strategy suited to your unique needs.
Brand Development &
A brand is centric to Marketing. Developing and managing your brand are important aspects of ensuring you have a sustainable organization. Brand development and management ensures that your organization is always represented in a positive light and is seen to be a favourable entity in the eyes of the public. PelePele Marketing is an expert in creating & managing your brand's reputation as an asset and as a tool to attract the targeted audience.
Advertising is reaching. Reaching your target market through different mediums.
Advertising assist in delivering your marketing message through an effective media plan. We at PelePele Marketing have a proven track record of establishing strategic relationships with media outlets that benefit our clients. We ensure that we position your brand in a way that makes it stand our against the clutter created by competing brands. We develop strategies based on your target audience, and find ways in which we can satisfy their needs.
Product Activations are about Interaction. Bringing your product in direct contact with your customer in an interactive way to gain followers. Product activations are a great form of promoting a new to the market product or service. This enables an end user to sample a product and for them to also be educated about the benefits of using the product or service offering.
Digital Solutions
Digital Marketing is about communities. Its about how to reach different communities that naturally collect in different cyber spaces. Social media is constantly evolving so we will help you strategise your approach and guide you on how best to keep your profile/page/account part of the conversation. We are also able to feed you interesting and relevant content as you administer these platforms yourself, or we can take away the daily stress and manage them for you.

  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter accounts
  • LinkedIn profiles (company and personal)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
Website Development
Your website is where business begins. It’s a place where customers research, contribute, or build a relationship with you online. It’s a place where they come to buy. With the number of people using the Internet to search for goods and services increasingly, websites have become one of the key public facing marketing tools of any business.

A good website design company can deliver the most powerful and effective digital marketing strategy or message for your business online. Our service providers are tailored to meet your needs, including budget, SEO and website reliability.
Public Relations
PR is communication. PR is awareness. PR is communicating what your organization is achieving in the best possible way both internally to your employees and externally to your customers and your potential customers. PR is the practice of creating and maintaining goodwill of an organization's various public. We can ensure that your messages gets out there in the most affordable way possible, through a targeted PR plan. This may vary from a few news flashes a month published on your website, to a full blown press release that is sent to the relevant publications in your industry so you can build awareness, credibility, good will and ultimately more loyal followers!
Design is creative flair. A great design stands out clearly from the clutter and is critical in the communication process. Our Marketing team is supported by creatives that are able to communicate marketing messages through design. We are able to provide our clients with artwork and marketing collateral that reflects their Corporate Identity in the best way possible.
Research is understanding. Brand Marketing research is a key element in gaining a deep insight into your customer and their needs. It’s the first step to any successful marketing strategy. Research also helps to have a clear brand position and a strong brand identity is key. However, strong brands are typically strong, not because they have a carefully presented image (although this is important too), but because the underlying strengths and consistently high performance of the brand are readily perceived and recognized.

Marketing Research is a critical tool in brand development, including:

  • Defining brand values
  • Understanding drivers of brand preference
  • Measuring brand awareness
  • Mapping brand associations
  • Assessing brand engagement
  • Measuring brand loyalty

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